PARAPATTAN ORPHANAGE SINCE 1832It began as a home for neglected children called “THE ENGLISH ORPHAN ASYLUM”.
Rev. Walter Henry Medhurst, an Englishman, felt moved to help neglected children who were the offspring of marriages between European men and Indonesian women. On 17 October 1032 he founded a home for neglected children with the name THE ENGLISH ORPHAN ASYLUM with the approval of Governor General Johanes van den Bosch. It later became a foundation located in Parapattan Laan, Batavia (now Jl. Parapattan, Kwitang, Central Jakarta) with the name THE PARAPATTAN ORPHAN ASYLUM.THE PARAPATTAN ORPHAN ASYLUM was handed over to a women’s organization under Dutch Governor General Jan Jacob Rochussen. Its name was changed to PARAPATTAN WEEZENGESTICHT. On 16 November 1846 the orphanage moved to Rijswijk No. 10 (Jl. Segara No. 10), now known as Jl. Veteran, Central Jakarta.In 1953 PARAPATTAN WEEZENGESTICHT was handed over to an Indonesian, Mr. M. A. Pelaupessy and its name was changed to YAYASAN PANTI ASUHAN PARAPATTAN (PARAPATTAN ORPHANAGE FOUNDATION).At the end of 1958 the orphanage building, which was located near the Presidential Palace, was to become the State Administration Institute, so 70 orphans were moved to East Jakarta to a street that the Indonesian government named Jl. Panti Asuhan (Orphanage Street); it still bears that name today.The current orphanage building is the third at Jl. Panti Asuhan No. 23, Otista III, East Jakarta.I
In 2000, when it was 168 years old, the name YAYASAN PANTI ASUHAN PARAPATTAN was changed to YAYASAN PARAPATTAN. It has now been in existence for 181 years and, with 49 children in its care, Parapattan Orphanage continues to serve devotedly.
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